Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Development and 2D Drainage Analytical Services

TIRZ 1 retained Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) to assist with developing the CIP. LAN met with TIRZ 1’s Infrastructure Committee and Executive Director on a monthly basis to discuss and deliberate on projects that would improve connectivity, mobility and the corridor network and alleviate the drainage problems in the area. There was also a meeting with TIRZ 1’s stakeholders including property and business owners.

LAN conducted a high-level 2D analysis to better understand the performance of the drainage infrastructure that serves the TIRZ 1 boundary. This effort also included the determination of the various sources of flooding including overland/overflow, collection system, and the adjacent contributing watersheds. The primary goal of the drainage analysis was to provide key information to assist in guiding the development of the 5-year CIP.

Open drainage ditches and lack of sidewalks makes it difficult for residents to walk around the district. Students walking to Lee High School must walk on the streets which is unsafe. Therefore, LAN was tasked to identify opportunities that would assist in promoting a pedestrian-friendly environment within the district.