A road map and tool kit to transform the Richmond Corridor area

A group of concerned area property owners, in partnership with Houston Independent School District (HISD), Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), and Houston City Council District J, Council Member Mike Laster invited the ULI Houston District Council to provide expert advice on an area with Richmond Avenue forming its spine, and extending from Chimney Rock Road to Hillcroft Avenue, and from Westpark Drive to Westheimer Road, in order to create desired results for the following outcomes:

Develop a realistic plan of action, which could be executed by stakeholders in the study area, and which should chart a path to achieve a vision of an improved and sustainable neighborhood.

Highlight opportunities for public and private investment in the study area.

Market the area as the opportunity-rich place it is today, helping to overcome its negative reputation.

Bring stakeholders together behind a common vision. With diverse property ownership and few large tracts of land, it’s necessary for stakeholders to collaborate on development and redevelopment.

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