St. George Place Redevelopment Authority (TIRZ 1) received a $750,000 congressional Community Project Funding award through the office of Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher to improve safety for pedestrians traveling through the Beverly Hill Street and East and West Greenridge intersections to and from adjacent multifamily housing units and Wisdom High School and Pilgrim Academy.

The intersections as currently structured also suffers from littering, illegal dumping and similar nuisances. The project will improve multimodal traffic flows through the intersections, hardscape them to prevent nuisance behavior and provide lighting. The redevelopment authority will provide an additional $250,000 match for the project, which has been identified as a priority project by the community through the completed study in 2021.

Follow up work to the planning process reinforced its priority status through documentation of a history of vehicle crashes at these locations. The major benefits of this project include a reduction in crash severity and frequency.

The redevelopment authority believes the funds can be made available in mid-to-late 2023. Construction may begin as soon as the second quarter of 2024 with completion in mid to late 2025.

The project complements several other projects the authority is completing as part of a broad multimodal safety initiative, modeled to address the City of Houston’s goals related to Vision Zero. This includes…

  • A $500,000 intersection safety project funded via a TxDOT safety grant that will address 13 other intersections within the District
  • Sidewalk improvements to provide safe routes to school along W-142 (the Bering Ditch) funded in partnership with Harris County Precinct 4 (Commissioner Lesley Briones) and City of Houston Council District J (Council Member Edward Pollard).
  • Intersection safety improvements at Fountain View Drive and Fairdale Lane funded in partnership with City of Houston District J.